The Entertainment Center, Perfected!

There’s no use in denying it, we’re in the day and age where a lot of living revolves around the entertainment center — holding the television, video games, books, and key household accessories — it’s a hub of activity for many households. Not everyone will need a media center masterpiece like that we recently designed, and custom-built for our Coto de Caza client, but everyone needs a functional and beautiful entertainment center!

The custom grey-green board and baton wall elevates the whole space.

This piece houses (5) separate TVs and a rolling ticker tape so that our client can stay up to date with all the latest sports news and action. It also has built-in thematic lighting behind the screens for a touch of drama. No matter your choice of viewing material, whether it’s sports or a good Netflix binge, having the right sized T.V. and a well-designed entertainment center is key to the look of your room.

First thing’s first…let’s start with location.  Do you have an empty drywall niche in your family room?  If you do, you can customize your new entertainment center within the footprint without losing floor space.   Do you have a fireplace with a large, raised hearth? If so, consider removing the raised hearth to create a custom design for your built-in T.V. and entertainment center.

The family room is often a place the family gathers for different occasions, so considering your family’s needs is important.  Do you have lots of media equipment that you need to store, toys to hide, or photos to display?  We have solutions for all the above and more!  

The three main elements of an entertainment center are:

1) Media equipment  

2) Storage  

3) Display space

Secondly, what does the entertainment center need to hold? The most common entertainment center designs can accommodate all three needs with lower storage, a T.V. center and shelving at either side of the T.V.  Additional design options can be added from there to fit your family’s growing needs.

Storage space is always in hot demand! These cabinets keep cords and devices hidden neatly away.

1.) Media equipment:  Electronics have advanced in technology and decreased in size over the years, so taking a good look at your operating system will help with the design of your unit.  Upgrading your system can decrease the amount of storage space needed for all the out-of-date equipment and miles of wires that go along with it.  New technology is often wireless, and the best part is – you no longer need 5 remotes to use one T.V.!

2.) Storage space:  The lower cabinetry of a standard entertainment center design can have doors that hide everything that is inside. Behind the doors, you have a few options — open shelves, sliding shelves, or even pull-out drawers.

3.) Shelving:  Entertainment centers have been getting more minimalistic in the past few years, but what if you have things to display? Then you must let them shine, right?  You can often add 3 to 4 shelves in most standard units, which can be fixed or adjustable.  Adding ambient lighting is a great way to showcase your photos and accessories.  

Entertainment center lighting to the next level! The color-changing backlighting brought a really exciting final touch to this media center masterpiece!

Finally, enjoy!  When the construction is over, it’s time to plan your menu and invite some friends over! If you are looking for support to bring your entertainment center dreams to life, call Elevation Avenue! We are a full-service design and construction firm and will walk you through the entire process from design to completion.