Serenity Over Stuff

Taking Back Your Space and Sanity

The start of a new year can mean different things to different people. Some people give up things that aren’t working for them anymore while others aim to take on new habits. Either way the fresh, new year is a blank canvas, full of potential for healthier, more vibrant life! Whatever your resolutions for 2022 are, if the clutter in your home is inhibiting your ability to accomplish your intentions, then read on! There are thousands of methods for home organization and decluttering, and we are going to look at a few of the most popular and sensible. One method for people who struggle with daily tidying, one for people who have a room or two that need a major overhaul and one method for “Help! I’m buried in stuff, and I can’t see my way out!”. We also have some practical tips from a local organizational consultant.

Daily Clutter Struggle

If you struggle with keeping your home tidy, daily, try Gretchen Ruben’s “One Minute Rule”! The author of Outer Order, Inner Calm, has a fantastic trick that can help keep one’s home picked up, if you employ it regularly. She suggests that if a task can be done in less than 1 minute, than you must do it immediately. Put the dish in the dishwasher, open the letter and throw it away, hang up your coat. Rubin is a big proponent of “what you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while”. So, if you’re home is mostly decluttered, but you struggle with a daily counter full of cups and a growing pile at the base of your staircase, give the One Minute Rule a try!

Weekend DeClutter

Got a room or two that needs a declutter? The popular organizational empire, “The Home Edit” and its founders Clea and Joanna have decluttered and organized spaces for celebrities and everyday families who struggle to dig out of clutter. Their methodology is to go room by room, pull out the mess, edit it, and then contain and label what’s left so that they can see it and use it. They love clear storage bins, and their signature aesthetic is rainbow which makes organizing beautiful and practical. One trick that they employ (which we love) is to always use trays for anything that you store on a countertop to keep it looking tidy and in its place.

Clutter Overhaul

Sometimes life can get overwhelming, and clutter can get the best of a person. That’s when we feel that organizational guru Marie Kondo’s KonMari method of decluttering and organizing can be impactful. If you are dealing with emotional issues tied to clutter, Kondo’s gentle and thoughtful approach can be a breath of fresh air. Kondo invites clients to not consider what to discard but only what items in their home to keep or that “spark joy”. She suggests the following order for moving through the home- clothes, books, paper, and sentimental items. Kondo asks that clients pile every item in the category into one place before going through them all, asking each item if it “sparks joy”, and then having a “discard” and “keep” pile, depending upon the answer. People who follow the KonMari method are believers and love her ethos of, “Life truly begins only after you have put your house in order.”

Practical Tips From Our Pro

Last but certainly not least, Carrie Dominick-Schryver, our in-house Organizer, is a working mom with three boys and she shared 3 great tips!

  1. Group things together and make sure that you can see them. If you don’t know that you have it, you’re going to buy it again.
  2. Everything should have a home- kid’s shoes, backpacks, electronics, things from school.
  3. Tackle things as they come in- mail, keys, dry cleaning.

Carrie shared with us, “My home is not always perfect but because everything in my home has a place, it just takes a little effort to get things put away and then I can breathe again. A little effort, thoughtfulness, and commitment. It’s a new way to live!”

If you’re interested in organizational consulting with Carrie Dominick-Schryver, and are in the South Orange County area, please email her at [email protected]