Redesigning a Laundry Room

Laundry rooms, large and small, must be well organized to fit the needs of the family. Next to the kitchen, we’d argue that it’s the most vital rooms in the house! Which is why it’s so important to consider all your laundry room needs before beginning a new design or remodel! Here are a few questions to get you started on planning your laundry room remodel:

  • Do you need a hanging rack?
  • Are drawers more functional than cabinet doors?
  • Do you need a hamper in the laundry room?
  • Do you need a spot for the trashcan?
  • Do you want a pull-out ironing board?
  • Do you need a utility sink?
  • What’s better? Shelves or a countertop above the washer and dryer?

Here are our opinions on a few of these questions!

Q. Are drawers more functional than cabinets?

A. We believe that they are! Drawers maximize functionality and visibility. We find, with cabinets, that less used items get shoved in the back never to be used again. Just imagine opening one large drawer and seeing all your products at once!

Drawers are very functional in a laundry room!

Q. Do you need a hamper in the laundry room?

A. Keeping dirty clothing out of children’s rooms can help keep rooms smelling cleaner. We also love an extra hamper for bath towels and dish towels.

Q. Shelves vs. countertops above the washer and dryer?

A. We like both! It really depends on the height of the appliances and the ceiling. If your appliances are on risers, countertops might be too high to be useful for folding but would be nice for storage of soaps and decorative items. Shelving could be added, depending upon ceiling height. If your appliances are lower, a countertop would be great for folding and then shelving above that would be great for storage and decor, depending on ceiling height.

Cabinets over the washer and dryer provided maximum storage in this remodel.

Since the laundry room is such a vital and, often overlooked part of the home, we recommend give this space some time and attention! If you need some ideas for how to make your laundry room functional and beautiful or want a laundry room redesign and remodel, please give Elevation Avenue a call. We will make sure that you’ve enjoyed doing laundry more!

A functional stainless steel utility sink and a multi-hued blush tile make this laundry room practical and enticing!