Perfect Design Items for The Home

Everyone has their favorites but, in my opinion, there are some things that you must have! These pieces are perfect design elements, and they can be customized to match every style and color palette.

Chunky Knit Blankets

I am obsessed with chunky knit blankets in every color! They bring texture and warmth to a room and can bring in a pop of color. In my opinion, the chunkier, the better! I like to switch them out depending upon the season. I have a gorgeous candy cane striped one that I bring out for Christmas and literally have one in almost every room. Go for a super soft chenille or 100% Merino wool, especially in these cooler months. Not only are chunky blankets beautiful and on-trend, but they are also super useful! They can be a light or heavy weight and a perfect design element.

The texture and pop of color from this chunky knit blanket adds interest to the neutrals in this space.

Round Tables

Round tables are the perfect dinging tables, in my opinion. They just make sense for so many reasons. Round tables feel more communal, and I love that there isn’t a “head” of the table. Everyone is equal distance from one another, and round tables take up less room than rectangular tables and can fit more people. Plus, there aren’t any sharp corners to contend with! Round Tables are a perfect design element for any home.

Save space and avoid awkward corners with a round table.

Playful Tiles

Playful tiles have a way of energizing a space and I am here for it! They have always been around but right now they are available in so many colors and styles. There truly is an option available to suit every style. In fact, I love bold tile so much that I did an entire article on them just a few months ago! Tile is still one of my favorite design elements and is perfect for introducing character and interest into backsplashes and smaller spaces. I use them in a lot of my projects, including my own home!


Another favorite that I have that adds instant personality (and has been around forever) is wallpaper! I love wallpaper because it easily adds character to a room. My current favorite version of wallpaper is grass cloth and I love it best when it’s done as an accent wall. Wallpaper is truly a perfect design element for any home because it is so versatile and comes in so many options for installation.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

I am in love with luxury vinyl plank flooring (or LVP), and I am 100% serious. If you think you know vinyl flooring, think again! LVP not only looks just like wood plank flooring, but it holds up to anything that you can throw at it. It will not scratch, fade, or dent. If your home gets a leak, you just lift the LVP up, stack it and let it dry and then click the planks back into place. LVP really is the perfect flooring. It is a beautiful design element, it is highly functional, and it also feels lovely under foot!

If you enjoyed this list of perfect design items and want some guidance for how to use some, or all of them, in your home please give Elevation Avenue a call! We are a full-service design and remodel firm, and we would love to help turn the dreams that you have for your home into reality.