Let the Fun Tiles Roll!

From backsplashes to bathrooms to backyards, bold tiles are having a serious moment! While a bold tile isn’t new in the world of interior design, we are seeing a renaissance of classic designs and shapes in contemporary color palettes and scale. Whether you’re thinking of sprucing up a laundry room or turning your mantle into the jaw-dropping centerpiece of your great room, there’s an eye-catching tile option for every situation! Personality filed tiles take any room to the next level and infuse your personal style into that space.

One of our favorite client’s came to us and wanted to remodel their entire kitchen. The entire process was a dream from beginning to end! Elevation Avenue is a full-service renovation and interior design firm, and we were with our client for every step of the process from knocking down a wall to selecting hardware. The simple counter tops that our client selected, paired perfectly with a contemporary, neutral color palette on an updated Mediterranean patterned tile. The color of our client’s tile selection added warmth to their kitchen and blending the background color of the tile with the wall and cabinet colors made the space feel larger.

Using a daring tile works best when it is used in a contained space. We love them for smaller rooms like bathrooms or laundry rooms flooring. They are also ideal for kitchen or bathroom backsplashes and can really elevate and enliven a space when paired with clean lines and neutral colors. One fun way to use this tiling trend is to create a tile rug. This can make an entryway feel luxurious without having to fuss with an actual rug. When done in an outdoor living room it can create a cozy feeling and elevated feeling while differentiating the seating area from the rest of the patio.

Eye-catching tiles are coming in all sorts of varieties right now! The biggest trends are coming in greens, and we are seeing a lot of Moroccan-influenced tiling. Traditionally shaped tiles like hexagons and subway tiles are being given new twists and being done in more modern colors and sizes and are being paired with more up-to-date grout hues. If you’re thinking of adding a bold tile to an area of your home, now it the time! There have never been more options available or more ideas to inspire you and to suit your vision for your home!