How to Light up Your Bathroom with Perfection

There is almost nothing worse than a poorly lit bathroom. Too bright, and you’re blinded first thing in the morning or wide awake just as you’re getting ready for bed. Too dark, and you’re struggling to see which shade of lipstick is which. Every designer will tell you that lighting is the most important thing about designing a bathroom, and good lighting can transform a bathroom faster than anything else. From pendants to sconces, a perfectly lit bathroom will help you start your day off and wrap your day up in just the right light.

Let’s start with aesthetics:

When remodeling a bathroom, a lighting plan is key. If you have natural lighting, that’s a major bonus! Begin by selecting the lighting for your vanity. If you have multiple sinks, you’ll need multiple light fixtures. Light(s) should be smaller than the vanity and 70”-80” from the floor. You can also add wall lights to the side of the mirror(s) at 60”-65” from the floor. You might also want to consider adding overhead pendant lighting, typically placed center above your sink(s). Still, creativity is crucial when you’re designing custom bathroom lighting, which will determine the placement. And let’s not forget about the “shadows” (the root of un-flattery) and why lighting is an important decision.

Now for the more technical aspects:

If you have a shower that is separate from the main space of the bathroom or a shower with a glass door, it is usually necessary to add a recessed light for the shower space. It is essential that any lighting in a wet area be wet-rated. Adding a dimmer to your bathroom lighting is a really lovely option, especially for the evening time or if one person likes to wake up more slowly than others — myself included! When it comes to adding bulbs to your new lighting fixtures, we recommend bulbs with warm light for the inside, although some prefer the cooler lights, overall, it’s a personal choice. LEDs last longer, save on energy and are available in warmer light options. Remember — lighting evokes moods — so it’s something to think about!

With so many options available for bathroom lighting, the sky’s the limit! Elevation Avenue is here for you if you are looking for guidance for bathroom lights or even an entire home remodel! We are a family-owned, full-service design and construction firm with decades of experience in South Orange County, and we’d love to help you achieve your dream home today!