Feeling Holidazed

You’re not alone! We find that, for the most part, there are two types of peo- ple in the world. Some people start decorating for the holidays before the weather even begins to turn cold and then there are those that put off the untangling of lights and the unpack- ing of glitter-shedding ornaments. Whether you find decorating for the holidays delightful or dreadful, we want to offer our perspective on preparing for the holidays in hopes of making your holiday season a little more joyful and bright!

A few decorating tips:

• There is no wrong way to decorate for the holidays! If it makes you happy, it’s in!

• Think outside of “traditional” col-ors for the particular holiday that you celebrate!

  • Don’t forget lots of lighting! Light is part of every winter holiday from Kwanzaa to Christmas to Hanukkah. Light lifts the spirit during the winter months and sets the mood for the most joyful of gatherings.
  • Experiment! What about a basket or a planter instead of a tree skirt? Olive tree branches or eucalyptus leaves instead of a garland behind your menorah? Most importantly, be creative! Even if you adore decorating for
    the holidays, it can be overwhelm- ing! We suggest focusing on a few impactful areas, like the front door and the hearth, to begin with. Next, add pillows, throws, and scents
    to create ambiance and coziness. Then, concentrate on the tree or any other sentimental items that are
  • part of your holiday traditions. We like to move slowly through this part of decorating, paying attention to all the layers. The holiday season always seems to go too quickly, so taking time to move slowly and connect to our pasts and our loved ones helps bring perspective and peace.
  • Spending time with the people in our lives that mean the most to us is one of the essential parts of the holiday season. One
  • of our family’s favorite holiday traditions is transforming our home into a winter wonderland, complete with little elves! We turn on our favorite Christmas music and enjoy some eggnog. At the same time, the whole family gets involved in adding tradi- tional splashes of red and green mixed with natural elements like frosted cranberries, greenery, and wood to help elevate our family’s traditions!
  • As the holidays approach and the days get shorter, we hope you feel inspired and joyful about decorating your home. Remember, if it makes you happy, it’s in! We wish you all a very merry and decoratively bright holiday season!

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