Construction & Shipping Delays

These days it seems like everything is harder to get and is taking longer to get to us. Well, this isn’t a figment of your imagination! There are many factors driving up production and delivery times (and costs) and we thought we’d share some of the reasons why construction and shipping delays are happening and why your products are taking longer to get to you.

Shipping Container Shortages

One of the biggest reasons that construction and shipping delays are happening is because of the humble shipping container. China is the only country in the world to produce shipping containers and, therefore, they control all of them. Everyone is aware of the labor shortages in the ports and, currently, there are enough unloaded shipping container in the Port of Long Beach to stretch from Long Beach to Chicago. China has not ramped up production of shipping containers to account for the containers that are out of commission so containers that are usable are going for a rate of $30,000 per container when in 2020 the same container only cost $3,000. When goods sit for months in shipping containers there is often damage or theft which also add to delay times and increases in cost to the consumer.

Breakdown In Product Life Cycle

Another reason for delays, is that manufacturers can’t get the materials that they need to produce their products, so their product life cycle is taking years, instead of months. The increased cost of materials and decrease in available labor due to many factors, including covid outbreaks, has left many heritage and legacy factories with no choice but to close their doors. The high cost of the materials needed to create their high-priced goods could no longer be sustained and they found work elsewhere and were replaced by less skilled craftsman.

When Will This End?

There are some things that we, as consumers, can do to weather these storms a bit better. First of all- know that this will end. Economists predict that there will be another 1-2 years of delays and then the supply-chain will adjust itself. Second, support your favorite brands directly! They need your patronage now, more than ever. Finally, shop early and bring your patience with you. Delays are going to be part of our reality for a little while longer, but frustration doesn’t have to be!

While Elevation Avenue has been affected by construction and shipping delays, we have found some creative solutions to manage these hurdles, during these times. If you would like to being a redesign or remodel project, please reach out to us for a consultation, today!